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Sir Philip Sidney’s sonnet sequence Astrophil and Stella (numbers 7, 39, 41, 81),
Title: the title of the poem is Astrophil and Stella.

The date of composition is supposedly around the 1580s. This belongs to the poetic genre. SIDNEY had in some ways kind of nativised some of the significant features of the famous “Italian model called Petrarch”. It seems that there is some connection in between the speaker Astrophil and Sidney and between STELLA AND PENELOPE RICH who was the wife of the courtier.

Plot: Astrophil and Stella is a poem that establishes the development of a LOVE AFFAIR between the two speakers. Although Stella is married but she develops certain feelings for him. Later in the poem she leaves him and Astrophil becomes all alone.
Setting: the place where the poem was written about is London in England and the time period is somewhere around the 1580’s.

Symbols: the poem has quite a few symbols like the flowers and the trees, the stars and the weather and the seasons. They are all important and significant symbols in the poem.

Point of view: the speaker wishes to speak about his love for Stella and wants that his relationship with Stella progresses in a positive manner.

Characters: the two important characters in the poem are Astrophel and Stella.

Reaction: I think that this poem is an excellent work by the poet. He has managed to convey his feelings and his deep love for the lady in a beautiful manner.
Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Title: “Shakespearean sonnets” are the name of a collection of about 154 sonnets. The collection had come out in 1609. The genre of the sonnets is “Renaissance poetry”.

Plot: The sonnets speak about the many themes like that of the passage of time, of love mortality and beauty. The sonnets are also known as the procreation sonnets. They are addressed to a very young man to marry and have children. This is so that his beauty becomes immortal and passes onto the next generation.

Setting: The sonnets had come out in around 1609 in May and the place of publishing was London in England.

Symbols: the symbols in the Shakespearean sonnets are the flowers and the trees, the stars, and the weather and the seasons.

Point of view: the sonnets have explored the relationship between SHAKESPEARE AND SOUTHWELL with relative ease. There are a lot of parallels, borrowings and echoes by Shakespeare. He wanted to convey his feelings and emotions through the sonnets. These sonnets can be seen to be like a prototype.

Characters: there are certain very important and principal characters in the sonnets namely fair Youth, the rival poet and the Dark Lady.

Themes: The important themes in the sonnets are that of the different types of the “romantic love”, “clichéd beauty” and “real beauty and the dangers of lust and love”.

Reactions: The sonnets are a good reflection of what the speaker wished to convey to the readers.
“Twelfth Night”

Title: the title of the play is the “Twelfth Night” and the author is WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. The play came around in the year 1601-1602. The play belongs to the comedy genre. It revolves around the story of two twins named Viola and Sebastian. Sebastian falls in love with a girl called Olivia. The play also had certain elements drawn from “Of Apollonius and Silla” written by Barnabe Rich.

Plot: the plot of the play focuses around a countess called Olivia who has fallen in love with Viola who is not a boy exactly but is disguised as one. The other character Sebastian has also fallen in love with Olivia.

Setting: The play came around the time of 1601-1602 and the place where the play was set was around the IIIyria which was an ancient region around the Western Balkans.

Symbol: There are certain important symbols in the play like the Olivia’s gifts, the changes in the clothing and the darkness of MALVOLIO’S PRISON.

Point of view: Shakespeare has presented a completely new dimension of love in the play the Twelfth Night. He has compared romantic love in a very ironical manner.

Characters: the names of some important characters in the play are: Sebastian, Viola, Olivia, Maria,Duke Orsino,Malvolio, Feste, Antonio and Fabian.

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Themes: The play has certain important themes like that of the confusion regarding the gender identity of the character of Viola. Next important theme is the relationship between the self and love and thirdly the dangers posed by love.
Reaction: Shakespeare is a renowned playwright and the love triangle that he has presented in the play is a delight to read. There are cross dressing characters and this is what makes it all the more interesting.